Pricing & Delivery

We Keep Our Pricing Very ..... NEAT!

When you join us and buy from us, we will deliver straight to your door your fully loaded NEAT! box.

To keep things NEAT! and simple, we charge by the box, no matter which of our delicious meals are inside.

Your Options are

  • Select a One Off box             £40 per box
  • Subscribe and Save £5         £35 per box (discount applied from the 2nd box)

For this you get :-

  • 5 hand made Gluten & Dairy free meals 
  • 5 pots of extras that have been tailored specifically to enhance each meal
  • Extra gluten free goodies if you subscribe

All of this is boxed in our super environmental packaging (which we will collect and reuse if you subscribe) and delivered straight to your front doorstep.



We Only Deliver What You Want & When You Want It!

You control the frequency and we will take care of the rest.

Want 1 box per week ?                                 No problem

Want 1 box every other week ?                 Go for it in your account

Want 200 boxes once every 4 weeks ?     We may need a bit of notice first !!!!!

You can stop whenever you like.  Simply go into your account and delete your live boxes.  This won't close your account, and you can re-add boxes whenever you like (please refer to our Cancellation Policy).

In addition to this, you can change your box (or boxes) whenever you want.  You have until 11:59PM on a Friday to finalise your fabulous five.  The moment the clock hits midnight, your selections are locked down and will be delivered to you.

We have also added the option of ordering a single box as and when you would like it.  Jump in give it a go.  We would love to hear from you ❤.


So Where Do We Deliver To ?

We are brand new and shiny and are currently unable to deliver to the whole of the UK as yet.  We are starting out with a bunch of delivery zones that surround NEAT! HQ in Hertfordshire.  Where exactly?  We can demonstrate where by using the power of maps!

We will deliver to the top orange circles every Tuesday and the bottom green every Wednesday.  And the NEAT! one in the middle ... well you are on our doorstep so it could be either day!

We agree that the incredibly minimalist map to the right (or below if you are on your phone) does not exactly help.  So to see where we deliver to at present please click here



We Now Deliver Further

Exciting News - You can now buy our boxes if you live in the Beds, Cambs and Bucks.  We are collaborating with the amazing Seasons Fruit & Veg and are working together to deliver to your door the best locally sourced and environmentally friendly food. 

Visit to find out more.

Our Delivery Chariot

We need wheels (how else would we get our boxes to your door!).  We thought long and hard as to the type of vehicle that we could use as our NEAT! chariot.  Our options were :-

  • Horse     - too slow/not big enough garden to house horses/generally against our values
  • Bicycle    - too dangerous on B-roads and motorways (plus lack of room for boxes)
  • Van          - probably the obvious choice as loads of space to house our NEAT! boxes

However ...

Our ethos to reduce as much as possible led us to thinking about our cars in general.  We had a eureka moment ... what if our delivery vehicle was also our day to day vehicle.  So, we have reduced our footprint by combining our delivery vehicle with our family vehicle (an average vehicle omits 4.6 metric tonnes of CO2 per year).

This is only half of the story

We also needed to consider how to power the wheels.  Our options were :

  • Pedal Power    - Great for fitness but NOOOOOO
  • Diesel Power   - To polluty
  • Petrol Power   - Poor fuel consumption
  • Electric Power  - A great long term idea but would need to see more green electricity power before committing
  • Hybrid Power   - maximum fuel efficiency with self-charging electric goodness

Hybrid sounded fun so - after many test drives, we found one that fitted our needs.  As a result, our deliveries will produce just 102 g/km. This is compared to 152 g/km for a typical engined car and 182 g/km for an electric vehicle (though with more green electricity sources this will improve over time and when it does, we will too :-))

We can keep you updated!

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