About Us

Hi, we’re Mat and Jo. Nice to ‘see’ you here.


You probably want to know a little about who’s going to be cooking for you, so here’s our story…



We’re two everyday folk who, a little while ago, set out to clean up our diet a little and due to health issues gave gluten-free a try. We’ve never looked back since that day and now we’re cooking fresh gluten and dairy free meals, using locally sourced ingredients, which we deliver from our entirely gluten free NEAT! kitchen to your freezer*.


We really don’t like it when easy cooking comes at a cost to the environment, so we’ve pledged to stick to what we like to call ‘Honest Convenience’…. Single use or non-recyclable materials? Not for us, thanks! Food which has travelled thousands of miles? Nope. Fat-laden and preservative -filled? No way! Some of it is even grown in our very own garden. When it comes to looking out for our world and ‘doing our bit’, we won’t compromise.



NEAT! isn’t just using recycled, recyclable and compostable materials (our trays can go in with your food / garden waste), but we’re also giving back to our brilliant local communities. As well as working with and supporting local suppliers, we’re committing to donating funds from NEAT! to local charities.


We can also make a promise that our food isn’t just doing good, but it tastes pretty fantastic too. Each NEAT! meal is nutritionally balanced with the freshest of ingredients from our local, hand-picked suppliers. There’s only one way to really put us to the test on this of course and that’s to try our food for yourself – sign up for your trial box.


*Blast-freezing our meals using specialist equipment in the NEAT! kitchen means all the goodness from those lovely fresh ingredients gets locked in quickly. Your meals aren’t left losing their precious nutrients as they sit waiting to be ordered, delivered or in your fridge for days. NEAT! meals are in your freezer ready and waiting to be heated in minutes and just as juicy, crunchy and healthy as when we made it. 


So, rest easy gluten and dairy-free friends, the ready-prepped meal scene is being cleaned up and has just got exciting.

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